A vision, a driving force… The love for the theatre. Olympia Culture was founded in 2018 with the aim of reviving on stage iconic works, familiar to all, by their literary or film versions.

In 2018, a group of experienced professionals in the field of culture decided to realize their vision and to form a breakthrough in the field of theatre.  Within the controversial period of the crisis in Greece, Olympia Culture was born, marking for her ‘family’ an innovative, hopeful beginning in the world of performance!



Theatre for us is not just a simple form of public presentation. It is an open interaction, a supreme form of communication, a psychotherapeutic means of feeling and understanding the surrounding world and our fellow human beings. This is feasible because through our perception of the other human being we finally recognize our own vulnerable self.



Our collaborations have as ultimate goal the promotion of both the European and Greek culture from text to stage. Our goal is the coexistence of contemporary productions of theatrical plays with the cultural legacy of the classical plays which carry through the ages plenty of messages and symbolisms. The selection of partners with high aesthetic form and technique is our outmost obligation, as we wish to produce theatrical events, worthy of their spectators.


All of us at Olympia Culture wish you strong theatrical experiences full of emotion, thrill and self-awareness.