Marian: Relativity covers the sun, the moon, the stars while quantum mechanics takes care of molecules, quarks, atoms- that sort of thing. We’ve effectively asked the same question twice and come up with two completely different answers.

Roland: This is really sexy by the way.

The plot

Marian and Roland exist in the same universe. A relationship between them is about to develop. It’s obvious that they have nothing in common except wanting to be together. He breeds bees for a living while she is a theoretical physicist. She studies the universe and wonders about the concept of reality. He is more of a realist; his bees have an unmistakable sense of purpose and that’s all he needs to know.

Two minds that function in completely different frequencies get tangled up in love.

Based on the philosophical theory of quantum mechanics, there are infinite parallel universes, and in each of these exist infinite different lives of ours, determined by different decisions we make, different choices we take and coincidences that ultimately lead us to different ‘places’. So what does really provoke us doing what we usually do? Are we our choices or are our choices different versions of who we are?

“Constellations” is a play about the dilemma between our desire to remember and our need to forget, as expressed by the play’s author himself. A deeply existential and human work that raises questions about the frailty of human existence, science, which surpasses the understanding of the human mind but also duality, time, free will, and above all love.


“A work of genius with incredible humor that breaks your heart” Time out

“Genius and wonderful! Truly unique!” Evening Standard

“This strange romance is the West Ends finest work. Genius and magnificent!” Daily Telegraph


Best Project Award, 2012 Evening Standard, London

Harold Pinter Award, 2012 London

Three State Award Nominations: Best Play, Best Actress, Best Actor, 2015 New York

Tony Award, 2015 New York

Creation team

Directed by Ekaterini Papageorgiou

Visual Environment and Costumes: Marios Rammos

Original music: Yiannis Christodoulopoulos

Choreography: Evi Soulis

Lighting: Melina Masha

Photos: Elina Gounanli

Graphic Editing: Aris Apartian

Production Management: Nausicaa Papadaskalopoulou

Production: Olympia Culture


Alexandros Varthis and Eliza Skolidi