Fantastic Dinosaurs – Dino and his friends

Politistiko Parko presents the interactive theatre performance for children over the age of 4, “FANTASTIC DINOSAURS – Dino and his friends”, written by Stavriana Katselli and directed by Katerina Liapopoulou.

The paleontologist Cleo Dinosavrakis and young and  impatient Thalia, who wishes to learn everything about dinosaurs, visit together the small theatre of Kerameikos. Through a sixty-five-minute show, they present to the spectators, the fantastic world of dinosaurs, starting from the Cretaceous era and focusing on their circle of life, habits and unique characteristics of each species:

Velosyraptor, Ankylosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Triceropterus and many others.

Towards its end, the show becomes experiential, motivating the children to abandon their seats and turn into curious, little paleontologists themselves, carrying out excavations and discovering dinosaur bones.

Creation Team

Author:Stavriani Katselli

Directed by: Katerina Liapopoulou

Artwork: Aris Apartian


Marina Sugia

Stella Kalahora

Production Organization: Areti Poulakakou

Production: Politistiko Parko S.A.