The Postman of Neruda

Olympia Culture presents Il Postino, directed for the stage by Michael Seibel. The play is based on the novel The Postman, written by Chilean author Antonio Scarmeta, which has also been adapted for the big screen by Michael Radford. The film was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture in 1995.

The Greek audience has for the very first time the chance to travel to the picturesque island of Salina in Italy of the 50s. It is there that Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, has applied for asylum remaining in exile far from the authoritarian regime of his homeland. Young Mario, on the other hand, is longing to escape his small, restrictive society and follow his own, special path. Fate leads him to become the poet’s personal postman. The two men develop an unexpected, deep friendship. And although their discussions are at first limited to matters of the heart and towards the younger man’s lust for beautiful Beatrice, their relationship acquires gradually a political-social tone, expanding Mario痴 way of thinking.

Il Postino is a bittersweet story about the friendship of two seemingly disparate men and their search for hope and beauty away from home.

Creation Team

Directed by: Michael Seibel
Sets – Costumes: Lamprini Kardara
Music: Tasos Karakatsanis
Lighting: Melina Mascha
Artwork – Graphic editing: Aris Apartian
Production Management: Rafaela Habipi
Production: Olympia Culture


Spyros Stamoulis, Konstantinos Sirakis, Tonia Zisimou, Elina Giannaki, Dimitris Nikolopoulos, Sakis Tsiniaros, Thanasis Tsidimis