The Lyons

Olympia Culture presents the black comedy The Lyons by Nicky Silver, directed by Reina

The father, Ben Lyons, is experiencing his last days on earth. Having nothing to fear
anymore, he feels free to “shower” his family with the most inappropriate words. Rita Lyons, his wife, nearly a decade younger than him, stands beside him, flipping through numerous home decor magazines.

Forty crumpled years of marriage spread between them inside the silent room of a hospital. Their conversations are like a bitter, competitive sports game, full of humorous comments, insinuations and venomous remarks. The air in the room smells of gunpowder and it gets even worse when their son Curtis, a thirty year-old gay writer and their daughter Frankie, a forty-year old ex-alcoholic, divorced mother of two, join the family’s “farewell party”.

Lyons is a highly dysfunctional family suffering from the syndrome of “family “loneliness”.
Instead of trying to heal their wounds, the four family members tear each other apart with
humor and fury. “The Lyons” had its world premiere at the Vineyard Theater in 2011. In 2012, it was presented at the Cort Theater on Broadway.

Creation team

Directed by: Reyna S. Eskenazi
Translation: Antonis Galeos
Set: Omada ART
Costumes: Daphne Tsakotas
Music: Eldina Papanastasiou
Light Design: Melina Mascha
Assistant director: Andromachi Papadopoulou
Photos: Angeliki Kokkové
Graphic editing – poster design: Aris Apartian
Communication: Marika Arvanitopoulou
Production Management: Nausicaa Papadaskalopoulou
Production: Olympia Culture


Pavlos Evagelopoulos, Nicoleta Vlavianou, George Papapavlou, Isidora Doropoulou, Artemis Nikolaki and Alexandros Varthis (guest appearance)