Yes, Mr. Noah!

The well – known to all biblical story of Noah is presented from a different perspective; the perspective of the animals, who are called to take matters into their own hands just when Noah receives a divine order regarding an upcoming cataclysm. The play was adapted by Sofia Sotiriou, from “The Second Cataclysm”; a children’s novel, written by Dimitris Lentzos.

The Owl is asked to take charge using her wisdom; she needs to organize the animals that will board the ark, and asks for the Fox’s help, in order to make a list of all the mammals. The Snake needs to take care of the reptiles’ list, the Firefly of the insects’ list and the Hen does the same for the birds.

The action takes place under the watchful eye of Karagiozis; his presence adds a catalytic and surreal nuance to the plot. Every animal has its preferences concerning friends, enemies and food … Will everything on the list make its way into the ark? Who will take the responsibility for this peculiar situation?

Creation Team

“The Second Flood” by Dimitris Lentzou

Adaptation: Sofia Sotiriou

Direction – choreography: Dionysis Tsaftaridis

Associate director: Mary Athanasiou

Sets and costumes: Lamprini Kardara

Music: Giorgos Kagialikos

Lighting: Melina Masha

Music teaching: Mary Athanasiou

Artwork: Aris Apartian


Mary Athanasiou, Vassilis Giannelos, Marianna Mavrianou, Angeliki Mahera, Dimitris Nikolopoulos, Stefania Filiadis

Karagiozopaichtis: Giorgos Politis

Dancers: Katerina Andreou, Marilena Lazaropoulou

Production: Politistiko Parko S.A.