Olympia Culture presents the famous play by Niccolò Machiavelli, directed by Reina Eskenazi.

Mandrake was written in 1518, five years after The Prince, when Machiavelli was living in exile and was influenced by the humanist movement. How come the very same author of The Prince and The Art of War decided to write a comedy? The answer lies in the peculiarity of its subject; a deeply political satire putting the corruption and dishonesty of the established order on the spot. At the same time, it is a joyful comedy, full of surprises and twists, where nothing is as it seems. Through his unparalleled sense of humor, Machiavelli exposes to public criticism the “end that justifies the means” idea.

The plot

Lucrezia is the most beautiful woman in Florence and at the same time quite prudent, wise, modest and mature. She is also extremely capable in managing the property of her husband Nicia, a rich law teacher, old and gullible, who is not able to give his young wife a child.
Callimaco, a professional matchmaker, decides to conquer Lucrezia and seeks the assistance of his cunning servant Siro. An incredible plot is set up when a conniving Catholic priest and an unbridled and scheming mother-in-law are also involved in the story. They all try to trap Lucrezia and convince her husband to lead her on his own will to her aspiring lover’s bed.
Mandrake is a fine comedy, full of challenging symbolism and correlations between the past and the present.

Creation Team

Translation / Adaptation / Direction: Reina Eskenazi
Sets / Costumes: Lamprini Kardara
Music: Tasos Karakatsanis
Light Design: Melina Mascha
Assistant Director: Andromachi Papadopoulou
Photos: Angeliki Kokkové
Artwork / Graphic Design: Aris Apartian
Communication: Aglaia Pagona
Production Management: Rafaela Habipi
Production: Olympia Culture


Aris Lebesopoulos, George Psychogios, Nikorestis Haniotakis, Lucia Pistiola, Fiona Georgiadis, Panagiotis Spiliopoulos, Evangelos Samiotis