[a Suyako play]

Following the great success of N.V. Gogol’s “The Gamblers”, Giorgos Koutlis (director) and Vassilis Magouliotis (writer, signing under the pen name “Suyako”) meet once again on stage, presenting the Kafkaesque TV (sub)culture comedy, “Talk Show”. The cast includes Stelios Iakovidis, Aris Balis and Panagos Ioakeim.
HOST: “Good evening ladies and gentlemen, we welcome everyone to this wonderful show that is taking place here tonight; you don’t know me, I know; I don’t know you either and you know that too, and whatever happens here tonight, please, let’s keep it between us; this is not a joke and children should not watch what we do; if they do they will try this at home and we will get into trouble.”

An exciting late-night talk show presented on stage, with a wacky host, lots of surprises, hilarious games and lots of prizes! The only problem is that the guest does not know why he is there… And finding the answer is not easy at all…

HOST: (sings Bob Dylan) Something is happening here, but you don’t know what it is… Do you, Mr Jones?
Through a seemingly innocuous television juncture, we dive into a mysterious, comical pandemonium of information, until it all crumbles and only the core remains: Why am I here? What’s going on? “What kind of feelings does an overturned copper chafer on your balcony during the peak of summer evoke in you?”
The mechanism of a TV Talk Show. The mechanism of life.

Creation Team
Text: Suyako
Directed by: Giorgos Koutlis
Sets – Costumes: Artemis Flessa
Music: Alexandros Drakos Ktistakis
Video – photos – artwork: Christos Symeonidis
Light Design: Melina Mascha
Assistant director: Eleni Koutsiumba
Graphic Design editing: Aris Apartian
Communication: Elina Lazaridou
Production Management: Nausicaa Papadaskalopoulou
Production: Olympia Culture

Stelios Iakovides, Aris Balis, Panagos Ioakeim