The Villa

(The Road Not Taken)

By Guillermo Calderón

How do we remember History?

How do we deal with trauma?

What if History is the actual trauma?

Three women named “Alejandra” meet in a private room. They are all charged with the task of designating the future of Villa Grimaldi, an actual site of torture and murder in Chile during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990).

Via humor and dramatic mastery, Chilean writer Guillermo Calderón shapes three modern

characters, who enter unsuspectingly into the game of recovering from their traumatic past.

Should Villa become a monument of the atrocities that took place in it? Should it remain a ruin and get erased from the collective memory? Or should it be transformed into an art space? Each one of these alternative choices expresses a different relationship between Man and History but also a different need its’ victims desire to fulfill in order to let go of their trauma.

Director Leto Triantafyllidou in collaboration with a special troop of actresses – Natasa

Exintaveloni, Lila Baklesi and Angeliki Paspaliari – examine the aftermath of a past, major

traumatic event in the present as well as the systemic violence against the female body. The dictatorship’s legacy burdening the heroines of the play is not totally unknown to us. Aren’t we all children of a dictatorship and descendants of a trauma, in a direct or an indirect way?

At the end, maybe Villa should become a theater, accommodating the joy and sorrow that

exceed the imagination of its creators…

Creation Team

Author: Guillermo Calderón

Translation – Historical consultant: Eleni Driva

Directed by: Leto Triantafyllidou

Performed by: Natasa Exintaveloni, Lila Baklesi and Angeliki Paspaliari

Sets – Costumes: Giorgos Lindzeris

Screenwriter”s Assistant: Anthi Paraskeva Veludogianni

Lighting: Melina Mascha

Music: Alexandra Katerinopoulou

Photographer/Artwork: Christos Symeonidis

Graphic Design editing: Aris Apartian

Viewing and Contact: Marika Arvanitopoulou

Production Management: Nausicaa Papadaskalopoulou

Production: Olympia Culture